The Sister of the Sun: The Key To Finding Alien Life

8 months ago
There can be no doubt that stars are all female, because they're hot,
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Narrated by Jack Daniel
Ending trailer by Ben Patrick Johnson

they create life and if they're anything like my girlfriend they are big angry balls of exploding gas who secretly hate me. But is our Sun an only child, or does it have siblings? According to long-standing research most stars are born in groups, which means that our own solar overlord has family scattered out there in the cosmos. So where are they? How can we find them? And why might a family reunion with our Sun's relatives lead to the discovery of life on other worlds? Allow me to illuminate you dear viewers, as we explore how finding our sun's sister stars may be the key to discovering alien life.

Thumbnail Credit: NASA Goddard Space Center
Visualizations: NASA/NASA Goddard Space Center

The Sister of the Sun: The Key To Finding Alien Life

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