The Real Reason DC Is Doing Simultaneous Joker Movies

7 months ago
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People can't get enough of the Clown Prince of Crime. At least, that's what Warner Brothers seems to think, now that news has emerged that not one, but two solo movies for the character are being developed. It's a move that raises a lot of questions for the casual moviegoer. Is Jared Leto still the Joker, or are we getting Joaquin Phoenix? And if they're both the Joker, how? We've got the answers to all of this and more, so if you're wondering why everything seems to be coming up Joker, stay with us...

Developing DC | 0:27
The joke book | 1:25
Elseworlds | 2:32
Jokin' Phoenix | 3:41
Joker: A Joker Story | 4:35
Elseworlds apart | 5:13

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The Real Reason DC Is Doing Simultaneous Joker Movies

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