The Origin of the Mind: A Network of Choice

By : Strange Mysteries - 1 year ago
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Narrated by Jack Daniel
Ending trailer by Ben Patrick Johnson

Whenever someone does something stupid they'll often blame the circumstances at hand for their own personal error: I had to eat that whole pack of cookies because I was hungry, I punched that horse because I was scared, that lady was just too darn attractive for me to not cop a feel on the subway. We are apparently at the mercy of our human instincts. Except that's not true at all...We are animals, and like all animals, when something stimulates our senses, we cannot help but react.The early multicellular organisms condensed their neuronal networks into what we now call a brain in order to process the massive amount of behavioural options available to them. Behaviour doesn't just start and end with a system of stimulus-response.

The Origin of the Mind: A Network of Choice

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