The Most Expensive Movie Flops In History

11 months ago
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Movies take a staggering amount of money to make, and nowadays, any budget below $50 million is considered mid-to-low range. That level of spending usually works out in the end, since movies also make a staggering amount of money, but not all producers are lucky enough to earn back their investment. In the case of these films, the films did so poorly at the box office that they're considered cautionary tales in Tinseltown…

The 13th Warrior | 0:23
The Adventures of Pluto Nash | 1:04
Stealth | 1:47
Sahara | 2:21
Mars Needs Moms | 3:02
John Carter | 3:53
R.I.P.D. | 4:29
The Lone Ranger | 5:22

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The Most Expensive Movie Flops In History

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