The MESSED UP Hierarchy Of The North Korean Army

By : TheRichest - 3 months ago

Description :
The dark truth behind leader Kim Jong-Un and the North Korea military.
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While you might want to know everything that there is to know about North Korea, some things are better off left in the dark. But whether you're a North Korea enthusiast, or you're just curious, this video is going to reveal The Messed Up Hierarchy Of North Korea's Military. Since their army is so large and powerful, you would assume that soldiers would be the best treated citizens in the hermit kingdom. Yet most North Korean soldiers seem to be worse off than the average civilian. Unless you're a high-ranking officer, good luck surviving off of your measly food rations. And even high-ranking officers have their own set of worries—which mainly include not getting punished by the Great Leader. Kim Jong-un might pretend that he runs the most prosperous country in the world, but we all know that there's more going on in this country than meets the eye.

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The MESSED UP Hierarchy Of The North Korean Army