The Horrible Life Of A Child STUCK In North Korea

9 months ago
This is how kids live in the propaganda world that is North Korea.
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Kids are always complaining about how much their lives suck. But this video will show them that it’s nothing compared to The Horrible Life of a Child Stuck in North Korea. Every single citizen is brainwashed from a young age. In kindergarten, they learn to memorize patriotic songs. By middle school, they have learned to hate Americans, receive regular military preparatory training, and serve regular intervals of hard labor. In high school, they become full-fledged members of the Communist Party and have little time to socialize. All of these responsibilities happen before the age of eighteen. And that’s all coupled with the looming threat of harsh punishment if they don’t cooperate. And anyone with children knows that cooperation is a difficult concept for them to grasp.

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The Horrible Life Of A Child STUCK In North Korea

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