The great quotes of: Batman

2 years ago
Justice league action S1E9 - time share
Batman - this isn't a game beetle. If you want to be part of the justice league, you don't pose, you don't work on plane ahead

(Batman did the classic building rope climb and posed(irony))
Batman - i am vengeance, i am the night, i am batman

Justice league action S1E10 - under a red sun
Big barda - welcome to apocalypse
Batman - just like home
(Demon dog attacks and batman uses his tech to take down the dog and scare it)
Batman - boo! That's one for me

(Big barda and batman both take out parademons)
Batman - that's one, to my two

Justice league action S1E26 - all aboard the space train
(Batman flies, grabs and saves athena from falling into the sea)
Athena - that wasn't a very dignified landing
Batman - next time i'll let you swim

Justice league action S1E8 shazaam slam pt1
Batman - the wizard, looking for the rock because the boy is captured? Glad we cleared that up (sarcastically)

Justice league action S1E10 shazaam slam pt3
Batman - sounds like a horrible idea. Even worse than switching costumes

Justice league action S1E13 trick or treat
Batman - a criminal is a criminal. Monster or man, they all fall the same

Batman beyond S1E1
Batman(bruce wayne) - never again

The great quotes of: Batman

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