The Earth’s Spin Is Slowing Down! What Happens If It Stops?

1 year ago
Life on Earth has adapted to our 24 hour day, but the Earth’s spin is slowing down. What would it be like to live on an Earth that stops spinning?

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What Would Happen if Earth Stopped Spinning?
“Have you ever wondered what would happen if the Earth stopped spinning? You can probably guess that it would not result in anything good, in fact, it would be disastrous. If the Earth stopped spinning suddenly, most people on Earth would die. If the Earth slowed down gradually, it would be absolutely devastating, but there is a chance some people could survive.”

Baby Moon-Birthing Collision Slapped Earth Sideways
“While we think of the moon as a familiar, unchanging sight, when compared with the other moons in the solar system it's a bit weird. Earth's moon is relatively big compared to our planet, its orbit is far from Earth and its tilt is huge.”

Did Ancient Planet Collision Allow Life to Thrive?
“Life-giving carbon can be found all over the Earth's surface, but how it got there has been a mystery.”


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The Earth’s Spin Is Slowing Down! What Happens If It Stops?

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