The Dark Energy Survey Revealed New Origins of Stars in Our Galaxy

12 months ago
Rarely-seen stellar streams show us that many stars in our galaxy actually came from smaller, neighboring galaxies.

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Black Holes And Gravitational Waves Might Help Us Find Dark Matter -

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New stellar streams confirm 'melting pot' history of the galaxy
“Eleven new stellar streams, discovered in data from the Dark Energy Survey (DES), were reported today in a special session held at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Washington, DC. Prior to the discovery, only two dozen or so stellar streams were known, many of which were discovered in data from a precursor survey, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS).”

Dark Energy Survey Finds New Stellar Streams Destroyed by the Milky Way
“A project designed to help uncover the nature of dark energy and dark matter in our universe has found that alien stars from other galaxies have been infiltrating the Milky Way. The Dark Energy Survey has found 11 new streams of stars that do not originate from our own galaxy.”

Astronomers Found Two Massive Galaxies Amid an Ocean of Dark Matter
“Astronomers have found a pair of surprisingly gigantic galaxies from the early universe, and one is the most massive galaxy ever seen from when the universe was young. Observations show the pair of big galaxies existed less than 800 million years after the Big Bang, and their size doesn’t conform to current cosmological models, which say early galaxies were much smaller than today’s galaxies.”


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The Dark Energy Survey Revealed New Origins of Stars in Our Galaxy

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