The BURTONVERSE Theory: Are ALL Tim Burton Movies Connected?

12 months ago
The Burtonverse is one of the most talked-about movie theories out there. But how much truth is there to it? Subscribe to our channel:

Tim Burton is one of the most notable directors, writers and producers in the world today. His style is incredibly unique and distinctive - you can spot one of his movies from a mile away - and his catalogue includes offerings ranging from Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands to Corpse Bride and Frankenweenie. Intriguingly, some fans have theorised that all of Burton's original movies are connected and do, in fact, exist in the same universe (note that this theory does NOT include movies that weren't Burton originals - so there will be no mention of the Batman movies, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Sleepy Hollow, Pee-wee's Big Adventure, Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Alice in Wonderland or Planet of the Apes, for example). In this video, we'll delve a lot deeper into that theory. The full list of movies that will be included here are Beetlejuice, Corpse Bride, Edward Scissorhands, Frankenweenie, The Nightmare Before Christmas and Vincent, while some of the characters who'll be getting mentioned include the dogs Sparky, Zero and Scraps, Sally, two different Victors, Dr. Finkelstein, Mr. Burgermeister, Finis Everglot, Lydia Deetz and Jack Skellington. We really want to know what you think about this theory - did Tim Burton really plot all of this over the course of a thirty+ year period? - so make sure you leave a comment in the relevant section below the video once you've watched it! And remember to subscribe to our channel to ensure you never miss any of our great videos in the future!

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The BURTONVERSE Theory: Are ALL Tim Burton Movies Connected?

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