The 8 Most Embarrassing Finishing Moves in Fighting Game History

1 year ago
Some fighting game finishers are so gross, weird or humbling we're mortified even thinking about the times we lost to them. Here are eight finishing moves so humiliating you’d die of embarrassment. And the many injuries you sustained. Subscribe for more videos like this every week!

For instance: there are loads of incredibly cool ways to get your butt kicked in the Injustice series, but Harley Quinn’s super move is not one of them.

In this move, Harley smacks her opponent with a large mallet then sprints at them full tilt before, in one fluid movement, sliding through their legs and depositing a comedy pie. Said pie immediately explodes, obliterating their crotch.

Imagine being Superman and having to explain THAT to the rest of the Justice League.


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The 8 Most Embarrassing Finishing Moves in Fighting Game History

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