STRONGEST Animals in the World

11 months ago
The animal kingdom is filled with surprisingly strong animals. Most of us know about the great strength lions and crocodiles have, but it may surprise you that some very tiny creatures are actually incredibly strong.

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6. African Elephant
Recognized as the world’s largest land mammal, the African Elephant is an impressive animal. Most African Elephants stand around 13 feet tall and weight over 13,000 pounds. While these creatures are on the endangered species, they are still one of the most powerful creatures in the animal kingdom.

Most of an Elephant’s strength comes from its muscular trunk. The average elephant’s trunk can lift about 300 kilograms or around 660 pounds. However, elephant’s can lift almost double that if they use their teeth to pull an object. An elephant uses its massive weight to help add more strength when it is trying to pull something.

5. Grizzly Bear
This massive animal is usually only found in North America. Scientists don’t call the bear, “Grizzly Bear,” but instead call it the North American Brown Bear. The term grizzly actually came from Lewis and Clark who first described the animal as grisly. Most Grizzly Bears weigh around 400 pounds and can stand over 6 feet tall.

Grizzly bears are known to eat both meat and plants depending on what is available. When they do have to hunt, the grizzly bear can run over 34 miles per hour. Their jaw can exert over 1,200 psi of strength, which is enough to crush a bowling ball with ease.

4. Jaguar
This spotted animal is the largest cat in the Americas. It is found across Central America all the way to northern Argentina. Depending on the Jaguar’s location and age, they usually weigh around 200 pounds. Some adult males, however, have weighed over 300 pounds, almost the same weight as female tigers.

While the Jaguar does not have the strongest bite of large cat breeds, it is still extremely powerful. Their bite strength comes from a unique arrangement of jaw muscles which allow the Jaguar to clamp down on their prey with great force. Secondly, since their jaws are shorter than other animals, it gives them more leverage when biting. The Jaguar’s bite is so powerful it can pierce the skull of an animal with little effort

3. Green Anaconda
Located exclusively in South America, the Green Anaconda is the longest snake species in the world. The average Green Anaconda measures over 17 feet in length and can weigh between 60 to 150 pounds. This massive snake is aquatic and will eat almost anything they can overpower.

As you may expect, most of the Green Anacondas strength comes from its astonishing body and jaws. After overpowering its prey, the Anaconda wraps its body around their victim to cut off circulation. Most animals the Green Anaconda preys on die after only a few seconds of squeezing. After the prey is dead, the Green Anaconda can swallow the animal whole. They slowly digest their meal over a few days, after which a Green Anaconda can go without eating for over a month.

2. Lion
Recognized as an apex predator, the Lion is one of the strongest animals living in the wild. Most Lion’s weigh over 500 pounds and are the second largest Large Cat breed in the world. These massive creatures roam most parts of Africa in search of food. Lions usually prefer animals that weigh more than 600 pounds when they are hunting.

Most of the lion’s strength comes from its incredible bite. Their bite has a pressure of over 1000 psi, or around 4,500 newtons, which is almost five times that of the average human's bite. Coupled with their incredible bite, a Lion can run at speeds of over 50 mph over short distances. And some Lions have even been seen leaping over 30 feet to capture their prey.

1. Blue Whale
Ranked as one of the largest animals to swim in the sea, the Blue Whale is a behemoth when it comes to size and strength. This creature swims in almost every ocean around the world. Even though its diet consists of tiny crustaceans called Krill, the Blue Whale is still the strongest whale on earth.

The Blue Whale weighs anywhere from 45 to 136 tonnes. What sets this whale apart from others is its slender body that creates less drag when swimming. The whale’s unique shape, coupled with its incredible weight, is what gives the whale its strength. The Blue Whale is capable of generating over 60-kiloNewtons of force when they are swimming, the strongest of any animal.

STRONGEST Animals in the World

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