Simulated Reality

3 years ago
As computers grow more powerful and complex, the plausibility of simulating an entire universe grows less absurd. In fact, many now believe that our universe could be a vast computer simulation. In this video I explore the relatively new field of digital physics, the plausibility of a simulated universe, and how we may one day create our own universe.


A l e x - I Wasn't Aloud To Watch Whose Line As A Kid But I Think It's Pretty Good Now

Chris Zabriskie - What Does Anybody Know About Anything

A l e x - Falling Asleep On A Vietnamese Train

A l e x - The Burn Marks On My EPiano Won't Go Away

Chris Zabriskie - Cylinder Four

Chris Zabriskie - I Can't Imagine Where I'd Be Without It

A l e x - Sleep Next To Me

Chris Zabriskie - There's A Special Place For Some People

Alicks - Next To You


Simulated Reality

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