SCARIEST Deep Holes on Earth

8 months ago
Woah boy, you better get ready for some deep and sketchy holes that are both human-made and not, but one thing's for sure: they’re all insanely deep. From mine’s still in operation (and not) to natural, Earth-formed, massive underwater caves, and trenches, this list is dedicated to the frighteningly immense, the voids leading places not usually visited, the Scary Deep Holes on Earth.

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4. Bingham Canyon Mine
This mine, which is known by locals as the Kennecott Copper Mine, is an open-pit mine in the Oquirrh Mountains, southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah. It is said that this mine has produced more copper than any other in history and it is the most significant human-made excavation in the entire world. Kennecott Utah Copper Corporation is who operates the mine, thus why it’s known by that to locals, and it has been in operation since 1906. The pit created from this mining operation is over 2.5 miles wide, 0.6 miles deep, and covers 1,900 acres! In 1966, the mine was named a National Historic Landmark. On April 10, 2013, the mine experienced a landslide that was the most significant, non-volcanic landslide in North American history. Between 65 and 70 million cubic meters of rock, dirt, and everything else went sliding and thundering down the side of the pit, but it was anticipated the day before, and mining operations were shut down at the time.

3. Great Blue Hole
Do you want to learn about something that will probably make your skin crawl or tingle just a little? Well, listen up then! The Great Blue Hole is a massive submarine sinkhole that is found around 43 miles from Belize City and the mainland and sits right near the center of Lighthouse Reef. The hole itself almost looks like a perfect circle and is 1,043 feet across, 407 feet deep, and was formed in stages at 15,000; 60,000; 66,000; and 153,000 years ago! As the ocean level rose, the cave flooded and now lies entirely flooded underwater and looks a little more like some kind of ocean nightmare than a cave (as you can see in this picture). It’s huge with scuba divers and many flock to dive in the super clear waters and swim amidst a bunch of species of fish and sharks, although the sharks are not regularly sighted at the site. Discovery Channel gave the Great Blue Hole the number one spot on its list of “The 10 Most Amazing Places on Earth,” which is strange because this diving photo looks like it’s straight out of The Blair Mermaid Project.

2. IceCube Neutrino Observatory
This super crazy, entirely too deep, extremely scary hole is located in the Antarctic, way down right near the South Pole! The observatory, which is more often referred to as simply, “IceCube,” is a neutrino observatory and that’s what this here hole is, where they’re attempting to observe said neutrinos. Digital Optical Modules (DOMs) are sensors that are set to work on strings that hold sixty modules and dropped down between 1,450 and 2,450 meters. It was only possible to work on the IceCube from November to February, the Antarctic austral summer because the permanent sunlight allowed for drilling 24/7 and began in 2005. The cost of the project was USD 279 million and was funded through a bunch of research institutions and universities around the world, but the University of Wisconsin-Madison developed and supervised the project. The hole itself was created by melting the ice using a hot water drill, and in November of 2013, just three years after its December 2010 opening, it was announced the 28 different neutrinos had been detected at IceCube that more than likely came from outside our solar system! The hole pictured here is deep as deep gets really, but not really because there are deeper on this list. But this is a fine example of an extremely deep hole created by humans!


SCARIEST Deep Holes on Earth

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