Scariest Abandoned Places

7 months ago
Haunted, spooky, eerie, creepy… there are many words to describe some of these abandoned places from across the globe. They all have a history, tell a story, and if the walls could talk, we’d have the most phenomenal tales to retell. Let’s visit but a few spooky abandoned places.

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16 - Château de Noisy, Belgium …
This was an exquisite castle located in Belgium, which has served many purposes in its lifetime. The owners of the castle have allegedly had several offers for it but refused to sell. In December 2013, the owners applied for a license to demolish the castle and there were petitions fighting against this decision. To no avail though, as it was demolished in 2016. The castle was built in 1866 by the English architect Edward Milner, but sadly he departed earth before it was completed. It was initially the home for the Liedekerke de Beaufort family in the summer, it was briefly occupied by German troops, and then from 1950 became a holiday camp for kids who had poor health. From 1970 it was used for sport holidays for children but eventually abandoned in 1991. Fire ravaged part of the roof, and a storm took its toll on the remaining roof. The building was unsafe and unstable, hence the decision to bring it down.

15 - Mirny Diamond Mine, Siberia…
Its real name is Mir Mine, but it’s become Mirney Mine over time. This is one of the largest man-made holes in the world and is located in Eastern Siberia – Russia. The mine was constructed by Stalin and its purpose was to mine industrial diamond. It yielded 2,000 kg’s of diamonds every year from the 1960’s and the biggest diamond found was the size of a golf ball. 3,600 people worked in the mine and a little town quickly grew around it. The mine lay empty from 2004 up until just recently, when it was commissioned again and is expected to be working for another 50-years.

14 – Kolmanskop, Namibia…
This little spot in Namibia is almost surreal, as the sand has gradually filled up the remains of the small settlement. The town was flourishing in the early 1900’s when it was discovered that the area was flourishing with diamonds. However, the diamonds eventually ran out, and so did the people, leaving everything as is. By the 1950’s, there was nobody and now the only people who go there are tourists and photographers. This is one journey that won’t disappoint.

13 - Willard Asylum, New York…
The very first patient arrived at New York’s Willard Asylum on October 13th of 1869, brought by boat and shackled in chains. This hospital was meant to house the insane, and the “patient” was locked in a cell for 10 years, with no bed and little clothing. Her name was Mary Rote, and she’s the first of many horror stories to emerge from this asylum. One man even arrived in a chicken crate! Reports suggest that conditions were actually better than other similar institutions, which considering what you just heard, is hard to believe. The hospital was rife with illness, especially tuberculosis, diphtheria and typhoid fever. Since it opened, it saw 50,000 patients, with more than half succumbing to their circumstances. Doors were shut in 1995 and it’s been empty ever since. You can go on a tour of the facility.

12 - New Bedford Orpheum…
This gorgeous old theatre opened in 1912 and initially showed vaudeville shows, but when interest dropped, it switched to movies. It closed down in 1959, briefly stored tobacco and operated as a supermarket too. It’s currently empty, privately owned with the hopes of raising funds to revitalise the building.

Scariest Abandoned Places

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