unboxing of the SAMSUNG GALAXY S10

10 months ago
Samsung Galaxy S10 unboxing! Samsung has been working on foldable displays for a number of years, and the Korean giant might finally, be ready to showcase its first completely flexible Smartphone in 2018.Visit Our Website-http://stuffboxnews.com/

This is a preview of the first foldable phone from Samsung, that is, the Samsung Galaxy X or it may be called Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

It's always tough to tell what a company is working on in advance, but I rounded up the very best in Samsung Galaxy X news, rumors, leaks, and also applied some educated, guesswork that's why the video may contain some features which are actually not included in the phone.Enjoy the Production!

Samsung Galaxy X release date is in 4Q of 2018.

Burn Water - Hide Water
JackLNDN - Aeterna

Cinema 4D work-https://vimeo.com/beeple

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Available in:- USA, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, London, NewYork, Europe, Africa, Japan, Korea, India, etc. s9+ qb s9 super slow mo lg g7 thinq camera mobile world congress

unboxing of the SAMSUNG GALAXY S10

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