OTF Knife Buyers' Guide | Knife Banter Ep. 41

12 months ago
Today it’s all about them OTFs! Check out all our Out The Front knives here: https://goo.gl/nxtufY

Knives in order of appearance:

Microtech Ultratech: https://goo.gl/iHRTDk

Microtech Halo V: https://goo.gl/L1X5di

Microtech Cypher: https://goo.gl/bkJHd6

Microtech UTX 85: https://goo.gl/iF77xu

Benchmade Mini Infidel & Infidel: https://goo.gl/wZ9YNX

Benchmade Phaeton: https://goo.gl/Qp3xhE

AKC F-16: https://goo.gl/qaBAHY

AKC Concord: https://goo.gl/KNFeGB

S&W Finger Actuator: https://goo.gl/kzNcV6

Schrade Viper: https://goo.gl/Gdr29T

Mini D/A OTF Lighter: https://goo.gl/S9EAFF

Guard Father Spike OTF: https://goo.gl/EJM2SV

Paragon Para-XD: https://goo.gl/FnLeXw

Pro-Tech Dark Angel: https://goo.gl/pvU34b

Piranha Rated R: https://goo.gl/Xg8sMY

Heretic Knives Cleric: https://goo.gl/QSuWg5

Hogue OTF: https://goo.gl/NsVorU

G&G Hawk Deadlock: coming soon...

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OTF Knife Buyers' Guide | Knife Banter Ep. 41

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