Nuclear Waste Is Not Glowing Green Slime… Here’s the Truth (Part 2 of 3)

1 year ago
Some say nuclear energy is the key to solving our energy crisis. Why haven’t we made the switch?

Special thanks to Dianna from Physics Girl for her help with this episode. If you haven’t yet, go check out her channel. She’s awesome.

Part 1 of 3 -
Part 3 of 3 -

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Why America abandoned nuclear power (and what we can learn from South Korea)
“We'll need vast amounts of carbon-free energy to stave off global warming. It's not at all clear that renewables can do the job alone. And nuclear is a proven technology, already providing 11 percent of electricity globally.”

Nuclear leak caused by 'wrong type of kitty litter,' confirms government report
“Although this scenario sounds far-fetched, kitty litter has been used to stabilize certain types of nuclear waste for decades. However, only inorganic litter contains the mineral silicates needed for the job.”

On the pros of nuclear power
“What about the global energy problem? What about nuclear? Until we develop new technologies, nuclear power is currently the best alternative to oil.”


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Nuclear Waste Is Not Glowing Green Slime… Here’s the Truth (Part 2 of 3)

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