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When it's time for finals, you don't need lofi hip hop beats to relax/study to - you need the exact opposite. YOU NEED METAL BEATS TO STRESS/CRAM TO. That's why we had artist Karina Farek ( help us create this playlist for students who gotta STUDY HARD.

All music made available under the Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial license. Available at Tracklist below:

1 Abflussbestattung/ Verrat Am Metal - by Japanische Kampfhorspiele
2 Through Your Head - by Death Vacation
3 Valar Morghulis - by Blood God
4 God Food/God Shit - by +HIRS+
5 Skate or Waste - by DEATHTAKER
6 Шизофрения - by Brutal Whiskers
7 Black Fucking Masturbation - by Proctophobic
8 Proton Decay - by Norrin Radd
9 Desert of Blackened Sands - by Norrin Radd
10 Bones Grow Cold - by Death Vacation
11 Shadow of a Dark Queen - by Damnation Reign
12 Hardcore is Fuckin’ Dead - by Farmer’s Boulevard
13 Mr . S - by The Nutries
14 Screams - by Cells
15 The Toilet Will Not Flush - by Gefilte Fist
16 Technological Dictatorship - by Bozo
17 Planet Hitler - by Dyslexic Fudgicle
18 A Profit On Greediness - by Animosity & Drumcorps
19 Satan’s Smile - by Blood God
20 Fornicating Upon the Altar of My Fuck - by Proctophobic
21 Ballada Bezbozna - by Metalmorphosis
22 Blind Tongue - by Death Vacation
23 Tre Parole - by The Nutries
24 09 Metal - by NanowaR
25 I’m Really Angry - by Your Marginally Talented Photographer Girlfriend
26 Midget On Heroin - by Suppression
27 Dresscode - by Japanische Kampfhorspiele
28 Biter - by Death Vacation
29 Demoni e Dei (Contropotere) - by TxSxBx
30 Bootleggin’ Octopus - by Dyslexic Fudgicle
31 Calujcie Mnie - by Metalmorphosis
32 Little Empire - by Deathtaker

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