Never-Before-Seen Footage Uncovers Antarctica’s First Scientific Missions

8 months ago
During the Cold War, Antarctica was primed for conquest. Here’s how it became an international science laboratory.

This NASA Mission Uses Cold War Planes to Map the World's Largest Island

Read More:
Antarctic Glaciology and Geophysics - Antarctica: Glaciological and Geophysical Folio. David J. Drewry

Rescued Radar Maps Reveal Antarctica’s Past
“More than 2 million newly digitized images extend the history of the bottom of the ice sheet”

Dustin Schroeder: How we look kilometers below the Antarctic ice sheet
“Antarctica is a vast and dynamic place, but radar technologies -- from World War II-era film to state-of-the-art miniaturized sensors -- are enabling scientists to observe and understand changes beneath the continent's ice in unprecedented detail.”

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Written & Produced by Lauren Ellis
Edited by Lee Cofer Mould

Never-Before-Seen Footage Uncovers Antarctica’s First Scientific Missions

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