Netflix Gems No One Is Talking About

1 month ago
Netflix offers so many options that choosing the perfect thing to watch can be too much to deal with. Here's a look at some of the best stuff to add to your queue for the next time you don't know what to watch on Netflix.

What if John Wick was more violent, more nihilistic, and with a gleeful undercurrent of shock humor and an honest exploration of the mental effects of a violent life? That's Polar, the messy story of one man's quest to relax and secure his pension. Mads Mikkelsen, the Danish actor best known for his starring role on the stylish TV version of Hannibal, stars as Duncan Vizla, a highly effective assassin forced by his corporate bosses to retire at age 50 and enjoy his golden years. Of course, his company plans to kill him off to avoid funding his payout. From a lovely cabin in Montana, Duncan has to fight off some violent attacks while also dealing with PTSD and forging a friendship with a neighbor with demons of her own.

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Polar | 0:11
ARQ | 0:51
iBoy | 1:36
Gerald's Game | 2:22
Wheelman | 3:15
Spectral | 3:59
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny | 4:48
Snowpiercer | 5:30
Apostle | 6:22
Cargo | 7:11
I Am Mother | 7:57
The Wandering Earth | 8:46
See You Yesterday | 9:52

Netflix Gems No One Is Talking About

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