NBA's Top 10 Plays Cringementator: "Skrt Skrt" Compilation

By : DaGamingDoof - 8 months ago

Description :
Starting at the beginning the 2017-2018 NBA season, the Cringementator took on the bright lights of the NBA Daily Top 10s. Along with his almighty, "It is your top tennnnnn to winnnn"s, "OHHH BABYYY"s, and "DOWNNN WITH THE KINGGGG"s (among many other signature catchphrases), his "Skrt skrt" is undeniably one of the greatest commentator lines of all time. With his clever and energetic lines, Cringementator touches thousands of viewers on the nights he does the daily top 10 plays.

To celebrate his superb abilities to captivate and entertain his audience, I have compiled a series of his well-known "skrt skrt" callings so we could all worship and praise him forever. In fact, Cringementator has inspired me to add a bonus clip at the end--I try my best to emulate his greatness with a play from my sister's basketball game.

At this rate, he may surpass Goatmentator as the best NBA Top 10 Plays commentator. We are blessed to be in his presence and we should be ever so grateful for his efforts.

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NBA's Top 10 Plays Cringementator: "Skrt Skrt" Compilation