NASA’s Cryosleep Chamber Could Help You Snooze Your Way to Mars

1 year ago
NASA is teaming up with a company called SpaceWorks to create a sleeping pod that could get astronauts into deep space. How does it work?

Thanks to Salad, We’re One Step Closer to Colonizing Space

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The Hibernation Science In ‘Passengers’ Is Not Far From Reality
“Before humans travel to another planet—and that day may be coming soon—a question will need to be answered: How will astronauts spend their time on a months- or years-long interplanetary voyage?”

Can Humans Ever Harness the Power of Hibernation?
“Scientists want to know if astronauts can hibernate during long spaceflights. First, they need to understand what hibernation is.”

How Scientists Plan To Send Hibernating Astronauts to Mars
“A lot of things are falling into place for NASA's inevitable moonshot to Mars. (Mars-shot?) However, one of the original challenges remains one of the more elusive ones: How do you get the astronauts to live on a spaceship for six months without going crazy? You put them to sleep, that's how.”


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NASA’s Cryosleep Chamber Could Help You Snooze Your Way to Mars

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