Most UNIQUE Museums You Could Ever Visit

8 months ago
When we think of museums, we think of dinosaurs, national history, natural history, and art sculptures from some artists you don’t remember the name of. If you know where to look, however, you’ll see there’s some pretty strange stuff considered museums. So let’s make that search easier for you as we talk about some of the weirdest, coolest, and most unique museums in the world.

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7. Meguro Parasitological Museum
This museum full of creepy crawlies was established in 1953, opened in the Meguro Ward in Tokyo, Japan. Dedicated to informing the public about parasites and the science of these organisms, the Meguro Parasitological Museum includes over 300 preserved specimens put on display with about 60,000 parasite specimens in the research library. If you’re prone to feeling tingles all over your skin when you think of stuff like this, maybe skip a visit to this place.

6. Mutter Museum
Speaking of specimens and science, that brings us to the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In the name of the medicinal education, the Mutter Museum displays a collection used in the history of this field’s education. It counts as part of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. One of the specimens includes the tallest human skeleton on exhibit, measuring to 7 foot 6 inches tall and called the Mutter American Giant. Every year, it gets over 130,000 visitors--you wouldn’t think that number would be so high, so they must be doing something right.

5. The Beijing Museum Of Tap Water
Beijing is a major city which means it has its share of reputable museums--one of which being the Museum of Tap Water. We know, nothing sounds more boring than thinking about water dripping from the faucet in your kitchen. However, don’t count out the Beijing Museum of Tap Water. You wouldn’t think you could make a whole establishment surrounding the subject of tap water, but it’s there. It’s possible. At the museum, they feature not only the history of tap water, but photos, maps, old equipment and the like that has to do with water supply and that stuff’s more important than it sounds.

4. Dog Collar Museum
When you’re done looking at lawnmowers in England, travel a bit further south of Merseyside to Kent where you’ll come across the Dog Collar Museum. Yup, that little brick house holds a large array of dog collars, old and new. From the ancient collars centuries ago to the newest designs of modern day, you’ll find all things canine here. Irish medieval scholar John Hunt and Gertrude, his wife, started out with a collection of 100 collars and decided to go from there. It eventually turned into its own, albeit relatively small museum, but you can’t say you can find a place like this just anywhere.

3. The Bunny Museum
Now located in Altadena, California, the Bunny Museum Bunny museum holds the world record for all things dedicated to bunnies. You’re probably thinking its lined with stuffed bunny toys, and you wouldn’t be wrong. In addition to that, however, they even have things like freeze-dried rabbits, which, we can’t say we’ve seen before anywhere else. Have you? To make things a little more normal, they also have ceramic bunnies, chocolate bunnies, and even a giant bunny out front. The museum opened in 1998, where you can only enter by appointment and donation.

2. The Underwater Sculpture Parks
Both the Molinere and Cancun Underwater Sculpture parks came from the mind and ambition of sculptor Jason DeCaires Taylor. The aim of these submarine museums was to encourage people to be more involved in their underwater environment. Not only that, but the coral reef in these areas have sustained damage over the years and these concrete sculptures have become a new home for the coral wildlife that needed a new place to inhabit. Many of the sculptures depict regular people, with characteristics that reflect of the local culture.


Most UNIQUE Museums You Could Ever Visit

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