Most Unbelievable Things Eaten by Humans

1 year ago
From ingesting paint, soap and chalk to chowing down dangerous things like glass and razor blades; Here are 24 Most Unbelievable Things Eaten by Humans !!!

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#6 Gold Pills
Have you ever wished you were so rich you could poop gold? Now you can … providing you have a spare $425. That’s the coast of a special pill that is filled with 24-karat gold leaf. They are totally edible, and just might add some extra bling to your bowels.

#5 Glass
You might be familiar with stories of people who are able to eat glass, and apparently suffer little if any physical damage from doing so. Some professional magicians, like Todd Robbins eat glass as a part of their act. But even he says that it has taken a toll on his health. Although he follows a strict diet of herbs and fiber that allows him to better process the glass, several of his teeth have cracked from grinding the glass shards. And there’s no degree of control when eating glass … since there’s no way to know where the sharp fragments will go, it can be like a form of Russian Roulette for several days. In other words, leave this sort of thing for the professionals!

#4 Human Ashes
While many of us might long to be close to our spouses, this practice takes things to an extreme. After her husband died, a 26-year-old widow was transferring his ashes to an urn. When some of the ashes spilled, she decided to taste them. That led to an addiction for tasting her late husband’s ashes, that’s so strong she carries the urn with her wherever she goes. She says that eating the ashes of her husband gives her a degree of comfort.

#3 Coins
It’s not unusual to hear about people swallowing coins. But doctors in France found a man with a small fortune in his belly. Some 350 Euro coins, valued at $650 were located, along with assorted needles and necklaces. In all, the objects weighed around 12 pounds. His family claimed the man had been stealing and eating coins for more than a decade. Although doctors were able to remove the contents from his damaged stomach, the man died less than 2 weeks later.

#2 Rapunzel Syndrome
That’s a reference to a condition where people are compelled to eat their own hair. In the case of an 18-year-old woman in Chicago, it turned out to be a fatal condition. Doctors discovered a hairball in her stomach that measured more than 15 inches long and weighed more than 10 pounds. The mass of hair was indigestible, and had to be surgically removed. Later, the woman confessed that she had been eating her own hair for years.

So earlier in the episode we mentioned a condition called Pica, so we thought we’d follow up on that. While there are a few exceptions, the list features mostly non-food items that have been eaten by people, like cigarette ashes or hair. That type of behavior indicates an eating disorder known as Pica. It’s actually a Latin word for ‘magpie’, a bird that is known to eat just about anything, so it’s an apt name. The condition causes an appetite for non-nutritive substances … which can include soil, metal and excrement. Pica can lead to medical emergencies, most often due to intestinal obstruction from eating objects like stones … Or frox eating toxic materials like paint, which can produce lead poisoning. The condition has been linked to various emotional and mental disorders, and is considered to be treatable.

#1 Metal objects
An Ethiopian man was discovered to have 222 metallic objects in his stomach. That round number was comprised of nails, hair pins, door keys, coins and watch batteries. In all, more than 1.6 pounds of foreign objects were found within him, with some of the nails measuring almost 6 inches long! Doctors estimated he must have been eating the objects for more than 2 years … and were amazed that his stomach hadn’t been perforated. The man’s family had no clue as to his bizarre eating habits … and couldn’t explain his behavior.

Most Unbelievable Things Eaten by Humans

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