Most Mysterious & Unexplained Sea Creatures

1 year ago
From the ocean version of a cow too the creature with the largest eyes on earth, here’s some of the ocean’s most mysterious and unexplained creatures.

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Barbeled Dragonfish
Deep beneath the surface, where all plant life and most creatures cease to exist is where you can find the barbeled dragonfish, one of the scariest looking creatures you could ever hope to encounter. As fearsome as they appear, they have a problem finding prey. Like we said most creatures can’t survive at depths that are merely comfortable for the barbeled dragonfish, so they have to use every advantage that they possess to find a meal. They lie and wait unseen for unsuspecting prey before attacking from out of nowhere. They open their mouths wide, enabling them to swallow creatures even larger than they are. No one knew just how wide their jaws could open until earlier this year. Researchers that specialize in fish anatomy discovered that they could open their mouths at least 120 degrees, which is wider than any other known fish.

Giant Squid
You wouldn’t think that elusive would be a word that you could use when describing the largest invertebrate on Earth, but that’s exactly what the giant squid has been to researchers. A lack of specimens and difficulty studying them in their environment, the deep sea means that much about these creatures remains a mystery. They seem to live in ocean’s throughout the world and likely eat smaller squid and fish. One of the most fascinating aspects of this creature that we do know about is their eyes, which at roughly ten inches in diameter are the biggest in the animal kingdom. Think about it, those eyes are roughly the size of a beach ball. Pretty crazy right? Discoveries made within the last fifteen years point to the fact that we may know more about the animals soon enough. Japanese researchers were able to capture the first images of a living giant squid in 2004. Then, two years later scientists caught and brought a 24 foot female to the surface.

There’s some fascinating creatures in our oceans but it's the unexplored that’s truly exciting. More people have been to the moon then have descended into the deepest part of the world’s ocean’s, the Mariana Trench. As a result the moon’s surface is better mapped than the ocean’s. Perhaps this is why the seae has been the home of countless cryptid tales like those of the mythical Kraken or the mysterious Chessie, a monster said to terrorize the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. We couldn’t make these videos without our loyal subscribers so thank you all so much for watching and be sure to stick around for our wrap up, where we reveal the creatures behind some of the most mysterious cryptids to have ever washed up on our beach shores.

Baleen Whales
Earlier this year several news outlets, including the Washington Post ran pictures of a massive animal carcass that washed up in Indonesia. The photos were made that much more dramatic by the fact that the creature’s seeping blood had turned the water immediately around it bright red. The pictures went viral with everyone guessing just what in the heck the ugly, formless mass could have been. Was it a gigantic undiscovered and previously unseen species of marine animal? Or maybe some sort of alien life form hiding on our planet right under our noses. Perhaps an underground government project gone awry? Of course stories about giant mystery ocean blobs are aplenty, and often, as was the case here the mystery carcass ends up belonging to an animal that is very well known, one of the baleen whales. 15 species comprise the baleen whales, including the largest creature on earth, the blue whale. The blue whale can be up to and even exceed 110 feet in length and can weigh as much as 190 tons. They’re humongous size means that even a small piece of their carcass washed up on the shore can cause wonder and speculation while quickly going viral. One last totally random fun fact on the topic; if you’ve ever been to a beach where a whale carcass has recently washed you’ll most likely smell it before you see it, because that stench is heavy.

Most Mysterious & Unexplained Sea Creatures

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