Most INSANE Arcade Games In The World

By : Talltanic - 6 months ago
Oh, arcade games. Once immensely popular amongst kids and adults alike, arcades have become more and more rare and hard to find. That’s not to say that the games inside have been forgotten; as a matter of fact, many of these games have a legacy that will seemingly last until the end of time. Here we take a look at 11 Most Insane Arcade Games in the World.

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3. Berzerk
Released in 1980, this arcade game is stressful, so stressful in fact that it’s speculated that it may have had a role to play in multiple real-life deaths. The game is played inside a maze filled with robots that shoot at the player; the player navigates the labyrinth and fires back using a joystick and firing button. Players can be killed (in the game) various ways, including being shot by robots, coming into contact with a robot, running into electrified walls, or being touched by Evil Otto, the players arch nemesis. Points are earned by destroying the robots, and once all of them are killed, Evil Otto tries to chase the player down before he or she can exit the maze through an opening in the far wall. Evil Otto cannot be destroyed and moves slowly while there are robots still in the maze, but once all of the robots are vanquished, he moves as fast as the player going left and right, faster going up and down, and can go right through the walls. In October of 1982, Peter Burkowski was playing the game in Friar Tuck’s Game Room in Calumet City, Illinois, and made the high score list twice in only fifteen minutes. He then collapsed and died of a heart attack just seconds after the game was over at 18-years-old. Whether the game killed him or not, his death is forever tied to the game. Urban legend has it that Burkowski isn’t the only person to die with a direct link to the game, but those reports have been unconfirmed.

2. Defender
In February of 1981, Defender was released to the masses and ended up becoming William’s Electronics best-selling game and one of the highest-grossing arcade games of all time. It helped to create the genre of purely horizontal-scrolling shooter games and spawned sequels and tons of imitations alike. Gamers play on an unnamed planet where they must fly a ship and shoot alien invaders using a joystick and five buttons. The player destroys aliens all while protecting astronauts from abduction, and if all the aliens are destroyed, they move on to the next level. If they fail to keep the astronauts from being abducted, the astronauts return as mutants that need killing before the planet is restored and the player can advance. Initially, the player starts with three ships but they can earn more if specific scoring benchmarks are reached and the game ends after all of the ships are used up. It’s been called one of the most challenging games in the industry, but that hasn’t stopped it from reaching a popularity level amongst gamers that’s pretty incredible.

1. Sinistar
This multi-directional shooter was released by Williams Electronics in 1983 and has come to be known as one of the hardest arcade games ever. Players must destroy planetoids to release and capture crystals needed in the building of Sinibombs. Enemies are also out trying to obtain the crystals and at times steal them from the player to construct the Sinistar. Planetoids must be destroyed at the right time otherwise no crystals are released. The player actively tries to shoot planetoids and collect crystals all while avoiding attacks from enemy ships. Sinibombs are needed to destroy the Sinistar, which is continuously constructed throughout the game by the enemy. The player goes through four zones, with varying availability of planetoids, and tries to mine crystals and destroy the Sinistar. The enemy can continuously repair the Sinistar, making a win that much harder to attain. Sinibombs, when fired, automatically target the Sinistar but interception is possible by enemy workers, warriors, and planetoids. The game ends when all of the player's ships are destroyed. It’s been adapted for use on many consoles throughout the years and was featured on Midway’s Greatest Arcade Hits on the Gameboy Advance. A sequel to the game was released on the PC in 1999, titled Sinistar: Unleashed.

Most INSANE Arcade Games In The World