Most DANGEROUS Animals in Africa

12 months ago
From elephants and hippos … to deadly cobras and puff adders . … Here are 15 of the most dangerous animals in Africa

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#5 Puff Adder
Excepting the Sahara and rain forest regions, these vipers can be found throughout Africa. Due to factors including its aggressive temperament, wide distribution, and its appearance in highly populated areas, this creature is said to be responsible for inflicting the most snakebite fatalities on the continent. Its Latin name translates as “striking violently”, which offers a clue to their disposition … They can strike so suddenly with long fangs that can sink in so deeply, that the sheer force of impact has produced enough physical trauma to kill prey on contact. Larger specimens can grow in excess of 6 feet long (190 cm), and weigh more than 13 pounds (6 kg). Inflicting large quantities of potent venom, experts say about 100 mg of the toxin is sufficient to kill a healthy adult human male in about 25 hours.

#4 Nile Crocodile
Next to the saltwater crocodile, this is the world’s second-largest extant reptile. But it one-ups the saltie, in that this species can survive in freshwater or saltwater environments … although it rarely chooses to live in the latter. They can weigh some 2,400 pounds and reach lengths of more than 16 feet. Found throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, these reptiles are widely recognized (and respected) as ferocious apex predators. As an ambush predator, this croc will wait as long as it takes for the perfect time to strike -- whether that happens to be hours, weeks, or days. When it does strike, it exerts a grip on the victim that is almost impossible to break. They’re known to take down almost any animal that wanders into its range, including fellow reptiles, birds and mammals -- which can sometimes include humans. Recent estimates cite more than 700 attacks on humans, with fatalities exceeding 60 percent.

#3 Black Mamba
This scary snake is actually named for the color of its mouth, which is pretty scary-looking on its own. It can travel rapidly on the ground or through the trees, and possesses one of the world’s most toxic venoms. If you do get bitten, you’ll lose consciousness within 60 minutes. And without anti-venom you’ll be dead within 15 hours. Measuring up to some 10 feet long, their aggression is the result of a nervous disposition. Upon the slightest threat, it can unleash a series of rapid, ferocious strikes. And they can be tough to escape … slithering at nearly 7 mph over short distances, they’re thought to be the fastest species of snake.

#2 Tsetse Fly
This insect, found only in rural Africa, is infamous for carrying the sleeping sickness (or trypanosomiasis trih-pan-uh-soh-MY-uh-sis). The disease is spread when they bite their victims, which causes a parasitic infection. After a few weeks, headaches and fever can develop … along with numbness and loss of coordination. Lack of treatment can lead to heart and kidney complications. The name ‘sleeping sickness’ was coined because neurological damage can disrupt the victim’s sleep cycle. When their 24-hour rhythm becomes fractured, the victim can stay awake during the night … and experience episodes of sleep during the day. We found estimates that when left untreated, upwards of half a million (500,000) people in Africa die of sleeping sickness every year.

#1 Mosquitos
So, after all the dangerous reptiles and mammals on the list, the number one and two spots go to insects, the smallest animals on our list. You might be familiar with mosquitoes as annoying pests with a bite that result in an itchy, swollen bump (or lump). But in Africa, their bites can prove fatal … thanks to the insects carrying malaria. As reported by the World Health Organization Africa Region, 90 percent of malaria cases worldwide (along with 92 percent of deaths caused by the disease) have stemmed from Africa. In addition to malaria, diseases carried by mosquitoes include West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, and Zika Virus. Thanks to these midge-like flies passing from host to host and transmitting such potentially fatal infections, mosquitoes are often thought to represent the most dangerous family of animals … not only in Africa, but across the planet. Did you know that more than 1 million people die from malaria every year … with close to 100 percent of all cases happening in sub-Saharan Africa.

Most DANGEROUS Animals in Africa

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