MORE FUNNY MOMENTS! Ragdoll Deaths, Stasis Rune Fun (Boulder Launching!), MORE! | Breath of the Wild

2 years ago
Breath of the Wild MORE FUNNY MOMENTS! We experiment and get some silly ragdoll deaths, have some fun with the Stasis rune, make fruit fly, and MORE!

Warning: MILD SPOILERS (no story, just equipment and a few places/enemies).

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In today's video we feature some more funny moments from the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. What kind of funny moments? Well, there are funny moments with the ragdoll physics, funny moments with silly deaths, funny moments with flying fruit, and much more! Breath of the Wild's physics engine is ripe with possibilities for some seriously funny moments!

We've been playing/recording some Breath of the Wild and wanted to share some outtakes with you all. There are a lot of funny deaths and other funny moments in this video. We discover Stasis rune exploit, and things get pretty silly.

There will be tons of funny deaths in these funny moments in Breath of the Wild and Link dies many times in silly ways.

Breath of the Wild isn't really meant to be a funny game, really, but there are ways to get some funny moments out of Breath of the Wild. The Stasis rune is a fantastic thing to try and make silly. Funny deaths are always fun, of course. We make some fruit fly in Breath of the Wild in this video, as well!

How silly can we get? Well, we'll certainly have some silly deaths! That's EASY in Breath of the Wild!

MORE FUNNY MOMENTS! Ragdoll Deaths, Stasis Rune Fun (Boulder Launching!), MORE! | Breath of the Wild

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