MIGHTY TROLL SIMULATOR # 5, VGR, TOP 10 best android games, first impressions, game reviews

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One of the top android games again VGR presents you MIGHTY TROLL SIMULATOR, We are presenting you best android games game reviews and first impressions daily, These games must be in Top 10 android games, so watch the video, download the best games and play.

Special thanks to Yamtar Games.

Hello Guys, welcome to VGR

VGR (VALKNUT GAME REVIEWS) is the Gaming and education channel which appeals to all age groups of gamers with the wide range of "free to play" top android games.


1) To present you "free to play games' first impressions" that we like most and enjoy playing, daily.

2) Analize and criticise the game from several point of views which are; Gameplay, Graphics, Sound Effects, Addictiveness and Game Optimization. We valuate the android games with VGR points for each aspect from 0 - 100.

These aspects are;

Gameplay Points: Calculated according to; if the game controls are user friendly or not, action reaction speed and type is entertaining the user or not and/or game story is motivating the user or not, if the game type is simulation how realistic are the game physics and etc.

Graphics Points : Calculated according to the Graphics Quality.

Sound Effects points : Calculated according to the sound quality and variety of the sound effects.

Addictiveness points : Mainly calculated if the user wants to play the game again and if so; how often.

General Optimization Points : This is about the game Algorthm. Does the game can be played in lower devices without lagging?
Or can the user recieve at least optimum performance in lower devices?

4) "To support game developers by encouraging you to download the game". (if you like the game of course)

5) Presenting you many did you know - do you know informations about the topic of the game which are hidden in every video to "make you learn interesting facts during the entertainment".


1) You won't be seeing any in game purchased content or any content which the player can get only playing the game for hours and hours.

a) In game purchased contents are not avaliable on these videos for the reason that one of the purposes of this channel is to encourage the audience to download the android game after watching the first impression and while playing, to make "in game purchases" in order to increase the experience and to support the producers.

b) These are the only "first impressions" of the "free to play android games"

2) You won't be seeing a very long gameplay for example 20 parts or 80 parts or a video of a gameplay for 1-2 hours, for the reason that, these are only "first impressions" which are 5 to 10 minutes long only.

ps. There are some videos of "first impressions" and the "game reviews" for the same android game but this is made for to keep the game up to date for the audience and the players.

3) You won't be seeing any type of criticism apart from the aspects which are explained above and/or definitely won't be seeing any criticism which are attacking or violating the privacy and/or insulting the efforts of android game producers.

Remember, even if you/we enjoy the android game ot not; every and each android game is beautiful, for the reason that, they carry the efforts of producers and these efforts are sacred.

Because of that, we kindly request from you that plaese be gentle on your comments about the games.

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Have fun guys.

Game download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yamtar.mightytroll

if the link doesn't work, you can search the game from Google play.

Please write us for more first impressions and game reviews that you additionally want.

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MIGHTY TROLL SIMULATOR # 5, VGR, TOP 10 best android games, first impressions, game reviews