Life Under a Black Sun

By : Strange Mysteries - 1 year ago
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Narrated by Jack Daniel
Ending trailer by Ben Patrick Johnson

In the paper, Life Under a Black Sun, authors Tomas Opatrny, Lukas Richterek and Pavel Bakala describe a scenario whereby a planet is drawn into orbit not by a star, but a black hole.If a planet was found orbiting a specific type of black hole, there is a chance that strange life-forms could be found upon it.Opatrny, Richterek and Bakala have estimated that a total of 900 watts of useable power could be squeezed out of the temperature difference in place between a black hole sun and the CMB for use on one of its orbiting planets. According to Tomas Opatrny, a world in a similar situation to Miller's Planet in the movie Interstellar would be heated to nearly 900 degrees Celsius.

Life Under a Black Sun

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