Is There Any Actual Science Behind Stem Cell Therapy?

8 months ago
Stem cell research promises incredible cures, but what are the risks and how successful are these trials really?

Reprogramming Skin to Grow New Organs Is Now Possible -

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Three Women Blinded By Unapproved Stem-cell ‘treatment’ At South Florida Clinic
“Three women with macular degeneration became permanently blind after undergoing an unproven stem-cell treatment touted as a clinical trial at a South Florida clinic. Medical experts said the episode raises questions about whether the government and doctors are doing enough to protect patients from the dangers of unapproved therapies.”

How iPS cells changed the world
“The cells promised to be a boon for regenerative medicine: researchers might take a person's skin, blood or other cells, reprogram them into iPS cells, and then use those to grow liver cells, neurons or whatever was needed to treat a disease. This personalized therapy would get around the risk of immune rejection, and sidestep the ethical concerns of using cells derived from embryos.”

About Clinical Trials
“A clinical trial is a research study designed to answer specific questions about a new treatment or a new way of using a current treatment. They help researchers and doctors build their knowledge, better understand human diseases, conditions and injuries and establish whether potential treatments are safe and effective.”


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Is There Any Actual Science Behind Stem Cell Therapy?

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