Is Pop Music Actually Getting SADDER?

7 months ago
Is pop music generally more sad now than it was before?

When you think about pop music, do you imagine an upbeat tempo and a danceable rhythm? Well, if you do, we have some news for you. Researchers have been studying trends in pop music, and found out something that is quite surprising. Now more than ever, we hear music that could best be described as sad, and deals with themes of loneliness and social isolation. We’ll let you in on some details of this fascinating study, and let you know how technology is currently affecting the music industry. One simple change in the way we rank music may have a huge impact on the genres of hip hop and rock and roll. Do you like music with a happy message, or would you take a sad ballad over a dance song any day? Let us know about what type of music you like in the comment section. Then, click subscribe for more videos from TheTalko.

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Is Pop Music Actually Getting SADDER?

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