Is Military Equipment REALLY Bulletproof?

7 months ago
Can army vests, helmets, and more REALLY protect soldiers in battle or are they not as safe as they seem?
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Life in the military is filled with struggles that most of us will never have to face. And aside from all of the problems that these men and women have to deal with while fighting for our country, they also have to put their lives at risk without any guarantee of safety. Sure, they can wear as many protective layers as they like while fighting out on the field, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re fully protected against enemy troops. Many of the things that you’ve heard about bulletproof equipment are not true. These supposedly danger-proof outfits aren't actually half as safe as we initially thought. As science develops, they're becoming thicker and more durable, but we're a long way away from soldiers being able to get out there with the guarantee that they'll come home safely in one piece.

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Is Military Equipment REALLY Bulletproof?

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