Is Math Part of the Universe? or a Human Invention?

1 year ago
Mathematics permeates through all things.
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Narrated by Jack Daniel
Ending trailer by Ben Patrick Johnson

It helps us understand physics, chemistry and biology. It allows us to understand the universe and our planet. It enables us to regulate our daily lives using order and logic. Without math, our existence would seem like a chaotic assortment of frighteningly random events. But is the code of mathematics something we came up with to help us understand reality, or was it something which already existed? In discovering mathematics, mankind has revealed the source code of the universe.Everything seems to be a social construct these days; gender, culture, pants, the Moon and now math too. When your parents find a nice thick cucumber and a tube of KY on your dresser and you tell them you were making a “weird kind of salad you only get in France”, this could be described as a useful fiction.

Is Math Part of the Universe? or a Human Invention?

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