INSANE Historical Coincidences

8 months ago
Planet Earth is a strange place, a place where weird things happen that make you wonder if coincidence is even a real thing or if there’s something more at play. From twins who perish on the same day in the same ways to a famous author accurately writing reality forty-five years before it even happened, these wacky tales of truth are bound to blow your mind and make you look at the world differently. Enough talk, this is INSANE Historical Coincidences.

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7. Mark and Halley
Mark Twain just so happened to be born as Halley’s Comet was passing the Earth in 1835 and then lived a long life and did some great things, wrote some great books, and made his mark in history. Halley’s Comet makes a pass by our planet around once every 76 years. In 1909, Twain predicted that he would be passing as the comet passed Earth again in 1910. He wrote, “I came in with Halley’s Comet in 1835. It is coming again next year, and I expect to go out with it.” He even said that it would be a major disappointment if he didn’t go with the comet, but he didn’t need to worry because on April 21, 1910, just one day after the comet shone its brightest in history, he passed. He was 75 years old.

6. Determined Bullet
This is an unverified story, but it’s still out there and many claim that it’s true, so we’re going to tell it to you! Henry Ziegland was a man who dumped his girlfriend in 1883, only to have her go on to take her own life. Her brother was understandably upset and tried to kill Ziegland by shooting at him, but apparently, the bullet only grazed his cheek and lodged in a tree behind him. Twenty years later, Ziegland tried getting rid of that very same tree using dynamite (as depicted here), which worked but was also Ziegland’s demise. The bullet that had once become lodged in the tree was blown into Henry Ziegland’s head, and he was having a meeting with God and all of the angels instantaneously.

5. The Romulus Files
Is it strange to anyone else that Rome was reportedly founded by the legendary twin brothers Remus and Romulus and the very last Roman emperor was named Romulus Augustus? Apparently, Romulus was a pretty popular name in ancient Rome, but considering these two were separated by about 1,200 years, you’d think the name would eventually wear out, right? Anyways, Romulus Augustus only ruled for about ten months before the crown was forcefully taken from him in 476 AD by Odoacer, a Germanic warlord, which ended the Western Roman Empire. Rome started with a Romulus and finished with a Romulus. Strange.

4. Joined in Everything
They say that twins share a special bond, a bond which only, well, twins can share. So what happened with these two seventy-year-olds should come as no surprise, right? Wrong. The first twin was attempting to ride his bicycle in a snowstorm and was crossing a road when he was hit and sent to Heaven by a truck. Then, his twin brother went out on his bike, in the same storm, tried crossing the same road about a mile down from where his brother was hit and was hit by a truck and also joined that Heaven party. The second brother was hit before the family was even notified about the first so it’s believed the second had no idea of the first’s fate, thus making this quite the coincidence!

3. Chest Pains
Here we have a pair of twins, Arthur and John Mowforth, who lived roughly eighty miles apart in Great Britain, who, on the evening of May 22, 1975, suffered the same fate. Both men became extraordinarily ill and began experiencing intense chest pains, and neither man or his family knew of the others problems. They were taken to separate hospitals and arrived at right around the same time. Both met up with the others on this list who didn’t quite live to fight another day, as they say. The coincidences on this list are pretty crazy, but this whole twin thing just steps things up a notch. Crazy.

2. Twins… In Death
So, King Umberto I, the King of Italy was eating at a restaurant one time when he found out that he shared some things in common with the owner. The men figured out that they were both born in the same town on the same day and that both men had married a woman named Margherita. Then things got even weirder on July 29, 1900, when the king learned that the owner of the restaurant had been shot in the street and had passed on. Later that very same day, King Umberto I was assassinated. Put it in a movie!


INSANE Historical Coincidences

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