INGENIOUS Hidden Rooms AND SECRET Furniture

12 months ago
We all know them: the houses and buildings with the secret doorways that lead to rooms that you would never have expected are there. When we were kids, having something like that in our houses would have made our lives and having something like that today would probably actually fill us with about just as much joy. From cozy dens to offices within offices, this is INCREDIBLE AND INGENIOUS Hidden Rooms AND SECRET Furniture!

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8. Play Place!
Looking at the little room in this picture, would you guess that there’s more to it than meets the eye? Probably not, as why would you? Well, when you open the doors on the cabinet/dresser/wardrobe/whatever that thing is, you find a passageway to another room beyond, a room that looks much less meticulously kept than the outer one as you can see in this picture. How fun for a kid! Not to mention, this would probably be an excellent asset to have in any kind of emergency situation where your kids, or even you, have to hide!

7. Gun Safe
Are you a gun owner? Then this may give you an idea for something that you could build into your house! Okay, so maybe you might not create something this big for your small gun collection, but still, it’s fantastic, right? What looks like an unassuming bookshelf hides what looks like a room that’s stocked pretty full with weapons, probably ammunition, and who knows what else! The shelf seems well-built, and I highly doubt that the passageway can be detected when the door is closed! This is the perfect way to hide your safe room, as these people did, and it’s somewhere no one will ever find your guns!

6. Covered by a Cabinet!
We’d seriously look right into these cabinets, nod our heads a little, and then continue walking right on down the hall. It took a minute even to figure out exactly what’s happening here. The entire cabinet depth and everything swings back to reveal a secret staircase that leads to who knows where. That’s the sad thing about things like this, the photos of said secret rooms and passageways only show so much and always leave us wanting more. These stairs have to lead somewhere important if they took steps to conceal them behind a cabinet, right?

5. Reading Room
This one is for all of you readers out there or all of you who wish to find a secret, hidden place to catch quick naps. Again, if the door were closed, we don’t think anyone would know that the comfortable, little room is even there. We like the cozy-looking reading spot right by the window which would provide fantastic natural light to read by during the day and could serve to creep you out at night! Shoutout to The Deathly Hallows! We see you, Harry.

4. Office Inception
The bookshelf you see in this picture would be a really neat doorway into your office, and these two offices, combined, would be perfect if you worked with a friend or if you did something really cool, like being a mobster or something and you needed a hidden office. The exterior office in which the bookshelf that hides the doorway to the inner office is pretty amazing itself so we can only imagine what’s behind that door. The outer office seen in this picture feels so nostalgic and almost frozen in time, and if there’s one thing that may indicate a doorway, it’s the new look of the paint on only the bookshelf and the door frame. Either way, this office Inception is fantastic and we’ll just hope that maybe someday, we’ll have offices like this too!

3. Another Awesome Office
Ed Skoudis, an author of books on cyber-security, has a pretty great office and it could very well give you great ideas for your very own steampunk office space! The outer office area and lounging space itself looks impressive and we would be happy to own something that stopped with a room like what you see in this picture. But then, you realize that there’s a secret room hidden behind the bookshelf in the room (as you can see in this picture) and things get even better! Inside you find long desks and workstations, and that’s where you’ll discover Skoudis’s employees doing their thing. It’s all stunning as you can see from this picture and none of us would complain or mind stepping up our office a little bit to resemble this great space!

2. Perfect
Okay, so the bookshelf that you see in this picture looks normal enough, right? Well, it’s found in the house of editor and writer, Holly Black, and this shelf looks like it might be just a smaller part of a writer’s more substantial collection right? Does she have other bookshelves in her house? Does she just like going to the library? Then, you realize the bookshelf swings inward, and we only wonder which giant, leather-bound volume you have to pull to open up this passageway into an impressive library! We knew she’d have a more impressive collection and it really almost looks like a bookstore in there! What a neat idea, especially for a reader or writer.


INGENIOUS Hidden Rooms AND SECRET Furniture

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