INCREDIBLE Facts About Dreams

By : Talltanic - 7 months ago
From lucid dreaming ; to the hidden symbolism behind your dreams; these are 10 INCREDIBLE Facts About Dreams !

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3 - Precognitive Dreaming
Some believe that when we fall asleep, our unconscious mind is set free from the physical world and enters a different, timeless dimension, a place where our soul travels freely. And some believe that in this state of unmind, glimpses of the future can slip into our dreams. Premonitions, precognition, Deja Vu, all of these strange occurrences have tortured many dreamers for centuries, knowing your future but never being able to change it, a blessing, or a curse? Here are a few of the most infamous premonition dreams from history: Mark Twain dreamed of his brother's demise just days before he passed from this world; after the Titanic sunk, researchers discovered that 19 people, including some of the survivors from the wreckage of the ship, had dreamt of the catastrophe beforehand; the same can be said of the 9/11 catastrophe which struck the United States in 2001, many of the victims from the turmoil later spoke out that they had envisioned the disaster in their recent nightmares. One of the most famous of these dreams foretelling the future occurred to former president Abraham Lincoln, who dreamt of his own assassination only a few days before he met the same fate.

2 - Sleeping Beauty Syndrome
Also known as Kleine-Levin syndrome, this rare, only one in 14 million, bizarre sleeping disorder is characterized by persistent episodic hypersomnia, during these episodes patients will sleep for days, weeks or even over a month at once. The onset of this strange condition typically follows a viral infection, and though the syndrome's actual mechanism isn't known, many believe a malfunction of the hypothalamus, the part of the brain which controls appetite and sleep, is to blame. This peculiar neurological disorder usually begins during adolescence, but in most cases will go away after by the time they reach their thirties. During these episodes of extended sleep, the patients will sometimes wake in a half sleep delirious mode where they will eat and drink ravenously before falling back into the world of dreams. During these episodes which genuinely occur every few months, patients will sleep 15 to 21 hours a day, or fall to sleep and remain so for weeks at a time, and nothing will wake them during this time. Males who experience this phenomenon will commonly experience increased sexual urges or hypersexuality. Mood changes, lack of cognitive ability, and memory loss also usually accompany this strange syndrome.

1 - Dreaming Symbolism
The psychologist Carl Jung believed dreams are a window to the unconscious mind, and that while dreaming, the subconscious mind is working to find solutions to problems for the conscious mind. It is up to the dreamer to discover the meaning behind their dreams. Dream dictionaries try to help unlock these secrets by providing dreamers with specific meanings behind common scenarios, objects, and people often found in dreams. Here are a few examples: flying can express both our hopes and fears, Freud associated flying with sexual desire, Alfred Adler with the will to dominate others, while Carl Jung with the desire to break free from restriction. Newer studies maintain that flying in a dream and how effectively or poorly it’s done relates to how much control we feel in our lives and how confident we are in our ability to achieve our goals. Falling slowly can indicate serenity and the act of letting go; while falling uncontrollably from great height shows that in waking life something feels out of control. Nudity equals vulnerability. Food symbolizes energy and is related to intellect, emotions, and spirituality, this could mean you are hungry for new information and insights. Death usually means dramatic change. Being chases usually means you are running from something. Finding yourself in a cemetery indicates sadness or unresolved grief, or one’s dead past. Water frequently represents our emotions, pay special attention to how clear or cloudy the water is, as this is usually a clue as to how effectively you are managing your emotions.

INCREDIBLE Facts About Dreams