Why a Bump on Your Wrist May Be a Health Issue

11 months ago
When we notice some lesion or bump on our hands, we tend to nonchalantly put it down to injury, bug bites, allergies, or even work-related blisters. “Eh, it’ll go away on its own” seems to be our favorite motto.
However, it’s time to start taking your “hand health” a little bit more seriously. Today we’ll be looking specifically at one simple bump on the wrist that might seem harmless, but in reality, it’s much graver than you could ever imagine!

These wrist bumps, also known in the medical sphere as a ganglion cyst or cystic hygroma of the wrist. It’s basically the formation of a big fluid-filled sac that appears usually on the back of the wrist but can show up on the other side toward your palm as well. And even though they’re not cancerous tumors or anything, that doesn’t mean they’re just an aesthetic blemish. They can actually pose a real threat to your well-being. So, if you suddenly notice one of these things rudely show up uninvited on your wrist, contact your doctor immediately; only they’ll know exactly what to do.

What's a wrist bump? 0:53
Where can a wrist bump appear? 1:44
Why does a wrist bump appear? 2:15
What are the symptoms of hygroma? 3:23
How do doctors diagnose hygroma? 4:29
Can I do anything to prevent hygroma from appearing? 5:13
Natural remedies that can help me with hygroma 6:24

It’s not always easy to tell why this cyst appears, so only your doctor can give you a thorough explanation. There are several risk factors, though. First of all, one that’s pretty common among people suffering from ganglion cysts is an inherited weakness of the sliding joint of the wrist, so if your grandparents, parents or any other relatives had this condition, it's likely that you’ll develop it too. And age doesn't matter here; hygroma can develop in both adults and children alike! Another possible reason is a recent injury, sprain, or improperly healed bone fracture. Don't forget that arthritis and inflammation of the soft tissues of the wrist aren't off the table either; they can also cause cystic hygroma. Finally, in some cases prolonged repetitive movement of the wrist can lead to hygroma too. This is especially true for people like musicians, seamstresses, and those who work a lot on a computer.

Have you heard of this condition before watching the video? Let us know in the comments below.

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Why a Bump on Your Wrist May Be a Health Issue

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