If We Heard from Aliens, What Would It Look Like?

By : Seeker - 5 months ago
Earth can be a really loud place if you’re searching for an extraterrestrial signal. So how does SETI sift through all the cosmic noise to hunt for alien signals?

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Finding Artificial Signals: Lights in the Dark
“Finding extraterrestrial intelligence ought to be easy. Simply point a sensitive radio detector at the sky, and look for narrow-band signals. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. Radio frequencies are full of artificial signals generated by humans, many of which look very similar to the kinds of signals SETI experiments are trying to detect.”

Scientists Hear Two Even More Ancient Black Holes Collide
“Hypothesized by Einstein a century ago, the identification of these ripples in space-time – for the third time, no less – is fulfilling the promise of an area of astronomy that has enticed scientists for decades, but had always seemed to lie just out of our reach.”

There Actually Is Sound in Outer Space
“You’ve heard it before: In space, no one can hear you scream. That’s because sound doesn’t move through a vacuum, and everyone knows that space is a vacuum. The thing is, that’s not completely true.”
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