How to Speak In Public to Make People Listen to You

By : BRIGHT SIDE - 4 months ago
How to Speak In Public Without Fear and Successfully. If you want to be a successful public speaker or just have enough communication skills to carry an interesting conversation, you should constantly work on yourself. This video will teach you some simple but effective tricks and secrets on how to become a master public speaker and get as great as Steve Jobs at giving speeches.

Understand what communication is. 0:34
Be brave enough to say what you think. 1:20
Make eye contact. 2:10
Listen. 2:57
How to control the pace of your voice. 3:35
How to control the volume of your voice. 4:30
Work on your articulation. 5:12
How to improve your pronunciation. 5:47
How to use gestures 6:24
Reply immediately. 7:20


-Communication is sending and receiving information through verbal or nonverbal cues, like speech, writing, signs, and behavior.
-Focus on telling your truth and overcoming your fears. Don't hesitate to speak up — even if you feel like your ideas aren't that interesting.
-Eye contact makes a conversation come to life, and everyone in the audience will feel like you're talking to them personally.
-Listening to people lets you see the world through their eyes and look at their struggles from their perspective.
-Choose a casual talking tempo. Imagine you’re having a conversation with your family or friends. Slow the pace down a bit, though, whenever you raise a special point or are summing up.
-You should be a powerful force on the stage, so speak loudly, and project your voice when you are speaking in front of big groups or across larger spaces.
-There are many tongue twisters online that can help you improve. With daily practice, you'll quickly boost your articulation skills.
-Learn one to 5 words daily, and try to use them in your everyday life to memorize them better.
-Open gestures like indicating numbers or showing something small, medium, or large are always a good choice. If you're speaking to a foreign audience, find out which gestures are considered to be offensive in their culture, and never use them during your speech.
-If you don’t respond immediately upon reading a message, the people you’re conversing with may think you’re not interested.

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How to Speak In Public to Make People Listen to You