How Scientists Still Work Together, Even When Their Countries Don’t

8 months ago
The ISS, the LHC, SESAME-- some of Science’s biggest projects rely on international cooperation, but what happens when countries cooperating scientifically stop cooperating politically?

The U.S. & Russia Are Building a Deep Space Gateway, Here's What You Need to Know -

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The U.S. And Cuba: A Brief History Of A Complicated Relationship
“Just months after he seized power in Cuba, Fidel Castro visited Washington in April 1959 and received a warm welcome. Castro met Vice President Richard Nixon, placed a wreath at the base of both the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials and was photographed looking up in seeming admiration of both U.S. presidents.”

In Space, U.S. and Russia Friendship Untethered
“Even as the U.S. and Russian governments engage in a Cold War-esque, diplomatic tit-for-tat, the countries’ space agencies are forging towards a future in the final frontier. Roscosmos and NASA announced plans Wednesday to pioneer the Deep Space Gateway program, part of a long-term project to send humans to Mars.”

Why Chile is an astronomer's paradise
“With its crystal clear skies and bone dry air, the Atacama Desert in northern Chile has long drawn astronomers. Some of the most powerful telescopes in the world are housed here.”


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How Scientists Still Work Together, Even When Their Countries Don’t

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