How NOT To Park Your Car

By : Talltanic - 6 months ago
We've all seen bad parking jobs, but you've never seen anything like this.

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17. This bad parking job might be a bit unjustified. It seems like this driver took his time making sure to park within the lines, then someone came by and decided to ruin their day for no reason!
Funny prank, or cruel? What do you think?

16. In his defense, there is a sign there that says parking only ! That corvette must have cost a pretty penny, but it is still not strong enough to just bulldoze through buildings without taking massive damage.

15. Well well well, what do we have here? A self righteous minivan driver with some awesome stickers on the back window to showcase their bubbly personality? Yes, yes indeed ! Next time, they should double check where they parked, because at this point, it will be really hard to leave this place before the biker does.

14.How, just HOW does this happen? Was the BMW FLYING and just randomly landed between these 2 cars? Honestly, if this happened to me, I don’t know if I would be mad or impressed. The universe just really wanted to screw these 3 cars over today. No question about it. At least the flying beemer has his emergency lights on, you know, to make sure no other drivers decide to land on top of him.

13. This driver needs to follow the signs the universe is giving him and just go to parking rehab.
You know, just JEEP things. Do you even off road bro?

12. Well, it was bound to happen. Just because YOU think there won’t be a fire in the area, doesn’t mean that there won’t be a fire in the area. Two broken windows, light water damage, and one massive parking ticket later, that 3 minutes you saved looking for a different spot sure paid off !

11. What are we going to do about this Chad? How are we ever gonna get to class on time if you keep parking your tiny car in front of people’s walkways?
Whatever the case may be, the writing on the wood means this isn’t the first time this car was parked here, not by a long shot.

10. Oh look honey, a giant free spot, JUST FOR US ! What do you think the H stands for?
Apparently it stands for helicopter, as in, a helicopter landing spot. Who coulda thunk? It is rare that someone’s parking job could cause so many issues, but here we are.

9.These people must be living in opposite world. What happened ? Was it just 1 rogue driver that started off a chain reaction? Who do you think the first person was? That flashy yellow car? Truly a sight to behold. If you haven’t figured it out by now, the white lines are the actual parking spots, everyone parked the wrong way.

8. I understand that some high end car owners are afraid to park too close to the curb, but this is some next level stuff right here. This car is practically in the middle of the road, with no driver in sight. At least it's a one way road

7. This lexus driver is NEXT LEVEL. Instead of taking up 4 spots with their car, the driver brought some orange cones to block out the surrounding spots. All I wanna know is, who hurt you? Why you gotta do this?

6. Did you hear? They are having a fire sale at the walmart down the street ! Hurry in before you miss all the deals, yeah just park it right there, its perfect. NO ONE will notice that you parked in the freaking cart return lane. NO ONE.

5. Discuss in the comments below, im not touching this one.

4. You have to give this person points for originality. Its not everyday that you see a vertical parallel parking job. I don’t know how the police will feel about him blocking the crosswalk though, seems like a ticket just waiting to happen. Worse still, what if a tiny smart car parked in between the two cars? Then you are certainly stuck.

3.hahahaha, what is this ? is this guy serious? This is next level, how could they possibly park like that? He is for sure getting his truck keyed. Its rare to see such brazen disrespect for all the drivers around you. Apart from blocking multiple other parked cars, he is also blocking the path between…..

2 Ha, that license plate is ironic, 2 spoilt. How is driving a 98 Corolla spoiled? Either way, that license plate speaks volumes about the type of person that would leave their car in the fire lane. Screw everyone, you gotta get that dark healthy chocolate delivery out, no matter what.

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How NOT To Park Your Car