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How to Be a Perfect Girl? Being a girl might seem easy to guys, little do they know girls are struggling with tough reality on a daily basis and it changes season to season. We've put together a collection of our best videos about the challenges girls go through and still stay perfect and problems only girls will understand. Enjoy it and remember that girls rock!

How Hard It’s Being a Girl in Summer 0:17
Makeup that gets runny five minutes after you put it on, red marks on the thighs, sandals that get filled with sand and mud easily, wind blowing your skirt in all the wrong directions, leg hair growing way too fast when you need it to stop … these are just some of the problems the beautiful half of humanity faces during the summer.

Girls’ Lives Can Be Hard in Spring 4:44
Girls acquire a whole new list of things to do and problems to face during springtime. It gets really hard to pick the right outfit not to feel to hot or too cold and wearing high heels after the winter break is killing so many legs. Some clothes simply don’t fit after a break and you struggle to get slimmer again ASAP.

Being a Girl in Winter 7:19
Walking in the winter wonderland might sound dreamy but just think of what consequences it has for girls: your hair gets ruined under your hat, your favorite sweater gives you sparks, your face gets red and frozen, and it’s basically impossible to walk without slipping on ice.

All Lazy Girls Will Understand This 11:46
Some girls have become so advanced in their relaxed lifestyle that we don’t know if we should call it gross or genius. They only shave the visible parts of their legs, they use too much dry shampoo constantly putting off the real hair washing, they just buy new things instead of doing the laundry.


How Hard It’s Being a Girl in Summer 0:17
How Hard Girls’ Lives Can Be in Spring 4:37
How Hard It’s Being a Girl in Winter 7:16
10 Moments All Lazy Girls Will Understand 11:40

-Sun and hot weather ruin even the most perfect makeup in less than 5 minutes, floral perfume attracts not only people but bugs as well, seating down even for a short time leaves marks on your legs – being a girl in the summer is not exactly easy.

-Spring means unpredictable weather changes every 10 minutes. Answering a simple question like, “What should I wear,” becomes an impossible task. It also means you’ll have to forgo “forgetting to shave” for the next six months.

-Frosty weather leaves girls with little choice when it comes to style, cracks their lips, makes them sweat inside and freeze outside and tights make it pretty hard to look hot and seductive.

-Setting way more than one alarm, hiding all your dirty clothes in the wardrobe and getting new ones instead of washing the oldies, leaving the house in your sleepwear not to have to pick a proper look for the day, and falling asleep with your make-up on are all signs of perfectly lazy, or more like genius, girls.

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