How Big Is A Black Hole?

10 months ago
If you want to know how big something is, you just measure it.
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Narrated by Jack Daniel
Ending trailer by Ben Patrick Johnson

But how do you measure the unmeasurable? Black holes can be large enough to form a galaxy and small enough to fit in a teaspoon.The smallest black holes we've seen out there in the universe are between three to ten times the mass of our Sun.The black hole at the centre of our galaxy is large enough to encompass approximately 0.015% of our solar system.

Thumbnail With Modification: By ESO: observations by Susana Randall, Claudio Melo, Swetlana Hubrig; day astronomer Dominique Naef; Henri Boffin (ESO) processed the data and made the colour-composite, and Haennes Heyer (ESO) made the final adjustments. [CC BY 4.0 ( or CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

How Big Is A Black Hole?

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