Horrible Conditions North Korean Soldiers Have To Endure

By : TheRichest - 4 months ago
These are the terrible living conditions people in the North Korean military have to undergo.
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There’s no place in the world quite like North Korea. Harsh living conditions, a lack of food, and a terrifying regime means that the people who live there are barely living—they’re just surviving each day as it comes. And life is even tougher for those in the military, where soldiers are under the watchful eye of Kim Jong-un and his security team every hour of every day. The conditions in the army are even worse than those of civilians, and there’s nothing that these poor people can do to escape it. Because even if they try their best to leave the army, they usually get caught and are heavily punished. And that’s not even the worst of it. Life for North Korean soldiers is definitely one of the most unfortunate lifestyles across the entire world, and nobody seems to be trying to do anything about it.

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