Hold Like This for 10 Seconds, And It'll Relieve Pain In Your Body

5 months ago
How to Relieve the Pain without Medications. Even though seeing a doctor is a must to find out the reason for most types of pain, many physical pains are a product of our hectic or sedentary lifestyle. You can avoid them if you follow a few healthy habits and learn some essential painkilling exercises for different kinds of pain. Toe stretches and wearing comfortable shoes can help you ease your foot pain, you can get rid of headaches if you avoid staring at screens for long periods, cut back on caffeine, and drink enough water.

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-Perform toe stretches: sit on a chair or on the floor with your right leg crossed over your left thigh. Interlace the fingers of your left hand with those of your right toes. Squeeze your toes and fingers together, and hold for 10 seconds. Then stretch wide for 10 seconds. Try an arch massage. Wear comfortable shoes.
-To relieve a headache, avoid staring at screens for long periods. Reduce your exposure to the sun. Take warm showers. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol. Cut back on caffeine. Drink enough water.
-Try some exercises for strong neck muscles. Strive for a better sitting posture. Practice yoga. Improve your sleeping habits.
-To ease the pain in your back, maintain a neutral body position while sitting. Stretch the muscles that support your lower back. Stretch your hamstrings. Practice the cobra pose. Swimming and other aquatic exercises strengthen your back and core muscles.

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Hold Like This for 10 Seconds, And It'll Relieve Pain In Your Body

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