Hard Times Girls Have During “Those” Days

7 months ago
How To Survive “Those” Days. 6 years, this is how much time a woman will spend having her period over a lifetime. In order to avoid bad moods which go along with all the problems and discomfort during “those” days, we recommend looking at them with a sense of humor. Try to look at the situation from the outside. For example, isn’t it funny how girls from pantyliner commercials differ from us during “those” days? Or how huge night pantyliners look compared to normal ones, it seems like they’re about the size of an air mattress. Enjoy our comics selection on “those” days problems every girl will understand.


Underwear problems 0:23
Feeling the discomfort 0:44
Period coming late 1:11
Commercials vs. Reality 1:47
Surviving the stomachache 2:14
Mood swifts 2:42
Failing at the simplest tasks 3:53
Testing your patience 4:20
Disastrous nighttime pantyliners 4:45
Real man to the rescue 5:20
Farewell to your favorite underwear 5:46
Looking good but feeling terrible 6:12

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Hard Times Girls Have During “Those” Days

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