GREATEST Unsolved Ocean Mysteries

By : Talltanic - 6 months ago
There’s some fascinating mysteries we’re going to get into, from mystery formations that may or may not be man made too missing treasure here’s 12 remarkable ocean mysteries.

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The Sinking of the USS Scorpion
A crew of 99 took off in the submarine USS Scorpion from Norfolk, Virginia in February 1968. The sub had been in service for nearly a decade and no one was particularly worried about their journey to the Mediterranean. Little did anyone know at the time that the sub and every member of its crew would end up on the bottom of the ocean floor. Since the discovery of its wreckage in October 1968 experts and the family members of those lost have been trying to figure out how exactly the Scorpion was grounded. Given the times it's hard to ignore the possibility that the Soviet Union was somehow involved. Another possibility is that a mishap occurred with one of the vessel’s own torpedoes. Cries for further investigation in 2012 were denied by the U.S. Navy and the sinking of the USS Scorpion remains a mystery to this day.

This mystery may not even exist in any tangible form. Julia is a strange whining noise that was recorded underwater by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association on March 1, 1999. While it was likely the sound of a huge Antarctic iceberg running into the seafloor, this sound can’t be specifically identified with 100% accuracy and remains a mystery.

The Antikythera Mechanism
Named after a Greek Island this analogue computer and orrery was discovered amongst a shipwreck sometime around the turn of the twentieth century. It was found along with ancient coins, glassware and marble and wasn’t studied extensively until the 1950’s. Experts know that the mechanism was composed of at least 30 bronze gears. It was used to predict astronomical positions and eclipses and tracked ancient festivals like the Olympics. What historians don’t yet know is who used the Antikythera Mechanism. It could have been a curios talking piece in the home of a rich family. Scholars theorize that it was used in a temple or a school. Since its the only one of its kind ever seen and it contains no explanatory inscriptions it's very likely that we will never know exactly who used this remarkable object.

Ghost Ship of the Arctic
After completing a few missions during World War One the SS Baychimo became a fur trading ship along the coast of Canada. In 1931 at the end of a trade run the ship became trapped in ice. After struggling to get her back into smooth waters, the captain decided to abandon the ship, feeling it was no longer seaworthy. It remained abandoned somewhere around Alaska with several sighting reported, the last of which by a group of Inuit’s in 1969. Today the fate of the ship remains unknown.

The Mysterious Yonaguni Monument

Since being discovered off the Japanese Island of Yonaguni by scuba diving instructor Kihachiro Aratake in 1986 people have debated whether or not this incredible formation is natural or man made. Shockingly that answer is still up for debate. It’s hard to imagine something natural looking so… structured. The giant rectangular formation features 90 degree angles, straight walls, as well as perfectly formed steps and columns. These reasons make many, like marine geologist Masaaki Kimura; who has dived at the site over one hundred times, think that they must be man made. However there are others, like Dr. Robert Schoch a professor of science and mathematics at Boston University who led an expedition to Yonaguni in 1997 who aren’t convinced that anything there is man made. Unless new evidence is brought to light it doesn’t appear that the mystery of the Yonaguni Monument will be solved anytime soon.

The Ocean Abyss
Despite being the largest habitat in the world and comprising 70 percent of the earth’s surface human beings have only explored 5 percent of their oceans, and that’s probably a generous number. It’s estimated that there are valleys on the seafloor that reach deeper than the Grand Canyon. Underwater waterfalls that we know of extend greater than Angel Falls, the largest waterfall above ground, so who knows what lays beneath that we have yet to discover. Despite hundreds of years of cataloging animals experts estimate that we have only identified less than ten percent of the ocean’s creatures. The sea may contain fascinating objects, mysterious formations and countless unexplored shipwrecks that we know of, but it's the ocean itself and its vast, dark, unexplored depths that endure as its biggest mystery.

GREATEST Unsolved Ocean Mysteries