Great Movies Almost Ruined By A Singular Bad Performance

10 months ago
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You know that moment : the one when you're watching a great movie, and you're taken out of it every time a particular actor shows up onscreen? A single person can throw a whole movie out of whack with a performance that's clearly disconnected from everything else. It can be painful to watch. But the true test of a great movie is whether or not it can withstand that one clunker. Here's a look at some great movies that were almost ruined by one bad performance...

Pacific Rim | 0:24
Gangs of New York | 1:12
Shakespeare In Love | 2:11
The Prestige | 3:10
Inglourious Basterds | 4:01
Batman Begins | 5:08

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Great Movies Almost Ruined By A Singular Bad Performance

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